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How to Make More of an Impact with Your Signage


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How can I produce print signage that makes me stand out from the competition? How do I incorporate online signage that complements my more traditional offline offerings? What can I do to make sure my end products are eco-friendly and made with sustainable materials? These are likely just a few of the key questions signage companies and printers are asking themselves.

Given the broad scope of the signage industry, it’s competitive. That means if you offer signage capabilities, you’ll want to find ways to innovate and separate yourself from the pack. The good news is that according to the International Sign Association (ISA) 2013 report (which is a survey of members and attendees during their annual International Sign Expo), 93% of companies expect their business to grow in the coming year and almost three-fourths of those surveyed expect double digit growth, while a third expect growth rates of over 20%.

So what are the areas your customers might look to you for help with? Interestingly enough they are not all that dissimilar to other areas of print. Some examples include:

  •  Multi-channel strategies – Companies need to know how to cost effectively provide a multi-channel signage approach (incorporating print, online, social media and more).
  • Digital signage – It’s becoming more prevalent, but companies are looking for ideas around when and how to use digital signage – and want to know when the added expense is worth the business result.
  • Relationship management and growth – A consistent customer becomes a partner. That partner drives more revenue than a onetime customer. What does this mean? Frequency equals profit. You must develop customer relationships that last in order to truly thrive.
  • The green movement – As the world looks to make industries more environmentally friendly, incorporating eco-friendly practices and sustainable products into signage offerings without vastly increasing costs is important.

How can you stay current, remain competitive and address all of these trends to meet current customer needs and also grow your business? Look to campaign management. Given the increased role marketing trends are playing across all of print (including signage), it’s crucial for you to offer more than just an outdoor portfolio. It’s important to have a comprehensive set of solutions in place that allows you to offer customers a complete personalized marketing package that incorporates signage as one element of a print and digital campaign.