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Category: Best Practices

Finding the Color Management Sweet Spot, Part 2

 To get consistency, we calibrate. We also need to upgrade our media slightly. The budget-type 20 lb bond paper is not able to hold a consistent image. For a little practical exercise, try holding a sheet of 20 lb bond between you and a strong light source. You’ll see...

Finding the Color Management Sweet Spot, Part 1

The question I’m asked the most is “How often?” “How often do I need to calibrate?” “How often do I need to profile?” “How often should I call for service to perform a preventive maintenance routine?” “How often?” is a great question, but what’s the right...

Real World Sales Training for the Digital Realm

Over the past two decades the printing industry has undergone a seismic operational transformation. Craft-based, mechanical processes have been disrupted and replaced with more automated digital processes. Firms have become masters at operational efficiency and are...