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From PSP to MSP: A Phased Approach


Service providers have long recognized that growing and retaining businesses requires a strategic review of current and future needs of customers, and then putting a plan in place to address those needs. In today’s competitive market, companies that pursue only a better/faster/cheaper market strategy are finding their profit margins eroding, their customer base becoming more unstable, and increased competition from low-cost providers.
Success in the printing industry requires firms to transform from print service providers into cross-media and marketing service providers. Making this transformation requires business repositioning, innovation, and redefinition of the overall value proposition. Companies that are making this transition or that have successfully made this transition have done so through a natural evolution that matches the needs of the company with the needs of customers and prospects. This white paper presents three case studies of companies that are at different phases of the transformation from offering traditional print manufacturing services to marketing-focused services. 

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