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The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60%.

By focusing on your most profitable customers, you can capitalize on what you already know about them to convert more sales. Discover how to successfully sell more in Building Your Bottom Line: Successful Selling Strategies article.

Are you effectively promoting digital printing to your customers?

Promoting digital printing is of prime importance since many customers may not be aware of the benefits and value it delivers. Identify key value messages to promote to your customers in this article Building Your Bottom Line: Promoting Digital Printing.

PSPs who invest wisely will drive sales growth and stay ahead of the competition.

InfoTrends offer insights on the pivotal marketing and technology trends and their potential effects in the year ahead. Discover all of the predictions and expectations to come in the Road Map 2018: Successful Firms Innovate and Execute!

Considering wide format as an area of growth?

An extensive wide format product line can enable sign, graphics, and visual communications companies - including printers - to capitalize on new and emerging market segments. Learn more in the article Trends and Opportunities in the Sign, Graphics, and Visual Communications Market.

Training your sales staff to fit your organization needs.

Finding the sales training program that best fits your organization budget, team size, focus and needs isn't always easy. Learn the key steps to follow in this InfoTrends article Training Your Sales Team to Deliver Results.

43% of small and mid-sized businesses communication spending is devoted to print.

SMBs use print to reach customers, build loyalty, market services, and grow their sales. Discover ways to target this market and understand what they look for in a print provider while reading The SMB Market Opportunity.

53% of customer loyalty is attributed to the customer buying experience.

Sales reps who can build loyalty and strengthen their relationships with customers and prospects are more likely to succeed in today's market. Learn the three ways your sales reps can strengthen customer loyalty in Building Sales Relationships.

Have you discovered the variety of wide format market opportunities?

One key finding from InfoTrends research is that wide format print is a growth market. Learn key opportunity takeaways your organization can do to grow wide format business in Capturing Big Opportunity in Wide Format Market.

60% of consumers click on the first result from a search engine.

People trust the first listing provided from a search engine as a reputable company and by doing SEO, your website becomes THE brand name. Discover tips and benefits to optimizing your website in Ranking Your Business: Tips for Web Optimization.

Do you own a RICOH 5th Color Printer?

Maximize your 5th color machine with our 5th Color Experience section offering valuable sales tools, production guides, print-ready sample files, video tutorials and more.